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World Cancer Day Feb. 4, 2015

Today is World Cancer Day–the celebration of a positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer. As a survivor who fought for her life, it strikes me that the words celebration, positive and proactive are not words usually applied to cancer.

Cancer is the enemy, the dreaded unknown, an invader–something to be wiped out, extricated and expunged. So why is this day so important and why should the world take note of its importance?

The answer is that every day we are learning that there are ways to prevent cancer no matter what a person’s genetic make-up. We are not doomed to chance. The numbers are truly encouraging–if people can make a few healthy choices for themselves and their families, they can greatly reduce the possibility of cancer.

Two years ago, after my double mastectomy, my co-founder Christine Irvin and I launched the Alloro Collection, a line of clothing and accessories designed to make women feel and look wonderful as they recovered from breast cancer. We wanted to contribute to the elimination of cancer so we pledged that 25% of profits would go to helping underserved women get proper screening.

After much research we decided to pledge our initial support to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization celebrating its 30th year.  As we move closer to profitability, we contribute at least $1000 a year to the Foundation’s program for underserved women.

On this single–and important–day that shines a light on cancer, here are the 7 steps the Prevent Cancer Foundation offers to prevent cancer-and also lead a healthier life.

I personally missed the mark on most of these steps during my early years, but it’s not too late for all of us to take heed.  To celebrate the positivism of a healthier life is a wonderful idea.

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25% of our profits will be donated to help underserved women with breast cancer.