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Christine Irvin and Laurel Kamen

Christine Irvin and Laurel Kamen

Laurel Kamen was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast in September of 2011. Doctors recommended that she have a mastectomy of her left breast, but she elected to have a double mastectomy to reduce the risk – and the fear – of  recurrence.

A week after surgery, her doctor told her that a different, larger, and more aggressive cancer – not detected by the mammogram – had been found in her right breast. Laurel’s decision saved her life.

On the evening before her surgery, Laurel came up with the idea of creating a line of products offering a variety of clothing and accessories that are beautiful and exciting to all women, but one with a special focus on women who have experienced breast cancer treatment, whether surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Laurel, a former American Express executive, formed a partnership with her longtime friend Christine Irvin, an artist and Wall Street veteran.

The partners could find no similar clothing design concept in the marketplace.  So they turned to Laurel’s cousin¸ Roedean Landeaux, a New York City couturier with 30 years of experience, to develop the initial unique designs. Roedean’s mother, Laurel’s aunt, had died of breast cancer.

The Alloro Collection was created.

The guiding theme of the collection is “Clothes that love you back.”  The founders are dedicated to making a joyous, life-affirming connection with women who have experienced breast cancer and with their family and friends.


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25% of our profits will be donated to help underserved women with breast cancer.